Thursday, 23 February 2012

Glass Tile Mosaics

The first rule of mixing grout is to read and follow safety precautions on the bag and then read and follow the label instructions. After reading the bag's label, go somewhere away from your mosaic so you don't splash wet grout on it while mixing (e.g., go outside or to the opposite end of the garage). Scoop enough grout powder into your mixing container. Slowly add small amounts of water and mix using a paint stirring stick. Some grout brands are "polymer modified," which means acrylic latex has already been added to the powder. If the grout already contains the additive, the bag says in easy-to-read print, "polymer modified" or similar words. If the grout doesn't already contain the additive, then you may choose to mix the grout with an admixture instead of water. I never bother adding acrylic latex for my indoor mosaics. Plain hose water works just fine for me.

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