Sunday, 16 October 2011

Stained Glass Patterns

When you embark on designing a stained glass pattern, it is only right that you do a sketch of the patterns that you are going to apply while you are cutting the final pieces of glass for your creation. This same drawing will outline make the outline pieces needed to make the project. Specify the color and texture for each piece of work.
The process of cutting the single glass pieces will require you to have everything done in such a way that the pieces coincide with each other. The benefit of doing this is that after all the pieces are joined together, you will have one beautiful artwork.
You have to determine which shapes of paper you are going to cut into the smaller bits that will determine the shapes of glass pieces you are going to use. Do this by choosing a drawing of something that you like. Make one for yourself by tracing the outline of a photo that you took and printed.
The next step after you have cut all the drawings and sketches is to have the glass cut up. Cut the glass according to the shapes you came up with. Have in mind that at these are the same ones that will be joined together like a jigsaw puzzle.
Today, some companies will offer you a number of patterns for sale. These will also come alongside a select few patterns that are available free.

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