Sunday, 16 October 2011

Stained Glass Supplies

To prepare yourself to make the beautiful stained glass for your windows or personal viewing, finding the appropriate stained glass supplies might be confusing. One may not understand what is involved with creating stained glass, so here is a basic list of tools and supplies you will need to get started.
Your tools will include: Safety glasses, drawing equipment, a whisk broom, push pins or a layout kit, a workboard, soldering iron, lethekin or fid, glass marking pens, glass pattern sheets, a glass grinder, glass pliers and a glass cutter. Materials required are: Solder, flux and an application brush, copper foil take, pattern paper, card or carbon paper, glass cleaner and rags, antique patina, clear glass to practice - 3 feet, and stained glass to create the project. Be sure to reference your pattern as to what you may need.
Some may have never heard of these stained glass supplies, and that's normal - especially for beginners. Be sure to seek them out at a craft or hobby store, as they each have an important role in your strained glass creation. To help you find them easily, here are their definition and purposes.

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