Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Fusing Glass Supplies

Pieces of glass are joined together by the process of glass fusing. Glass is partly melted in high temperatures and then joined to another piece. An electric kiln is used to heat and melt the glass pieces and then with the help of a lead solder joined together. Glass fusing supplies can be very expensive if you do not know the right place to look for.
Glass fusing technique used
Usually thin layers of glass are layered one on top of the other and colours may be used to create different patterns. This is known as stacking. This stack is then placed inside an electric kiln and heated. Finally, the pieces join and the temperature is then brought down quickly to avoid devitrification. The bonded pieces are then allowed to cool down over time and while being soaked at precise temperatures that is very important for the annealing process. This is done so that there is no uneven cooling and no breakage occurs in the product.


Glass fusing supplies can be expensive if you have not compared prices from a few stores. If you cannot locate a store near you, then you could look for one online. You may compare the prices from different glass fusing suppliers. If you are a beginner, you may begin by purchasing only the necessary items. For beginners here is a list of things you may need:
Breaking pliers: These pliers are used ion order to cut the glass into a number of pieces - as many as you may want. These pliers are very useful when you have a small area that needs to be chipped. The narrow and curved lower jaws of glass fusing supplies can access the tight spots and offer enough leverage so that you can get a clean break.

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