Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Stained Glass Kits

Now that you have decided to get into working with stained glass, are you wondering how many materials you need to stockpile to do projects? Are you also afraid you don't have enough storage room for these supplies? One solution to this is for you to buy individual stained glass kits for your projects. This way you are only buying what you need to do a project instead of stockpiling glass and other materials. Yes there might be a bit of a downside because you won't be making your own design, but it will allow you time to figure out you space problem. You will also see what kind of materials you need, and it will give a better idea of how many supplies you need to order.

There are many different kits that you can buy. They come in a variety of themes and sizes. These kits also have a vast array of color combinations that go beautifully together. You can actually learn a lot by using these kits in the beginning stages of teaching yourself this craft. Lets look at some of these kits to see which one you may like to do.
Lets start with the six-inch stained glass kits that can be anything from flowers or butterflies to a representation of the American flag. There is even a kit that has a koi fish on it. What a great thing to even hang in your garden area. These kits have wonderful blue, red, green, white, and even pink in them. Sometimes there is even touches of black. Oh there is a shamrock on one of them. Perfect for Saint Patrick's Day.

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