Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Fused Glass Paintings

Fused Glass Paintings Usually, the perception of people regarding Fused Glass Paintings is those with huge and overwhelming canvases. It is because such paintings exude a unique kind of exuberance. It is also the most common type since it is the one usually seen in art galleries (and even in the museums). Furthermore, it is a common perception that the bigger the paintings, the more beautiful and sophisticated it appears.
However, we should not limit our ideas regarding paintings. There are still other forms that are as lively and cheerful-looking as the typical paintings that we have at home. The other type that we can consider is called miniature Fused Glass Paintings
Miniature paintings depict the art and culture of India. It is a country that is known for the presence of small-sized paintings with remarkable appeal. The common subjects of theseFused Glass Paintings are religion and aristocracy of India during the ancient times. It can also depict the lifestyle of Indians from different era. As for the painting itself, it has a certain innate and distinct beauty that truly captivates anyone’s eyes.

The paintings used colors extracted from minerals and vegetables. The canvases that are being used for such creations vary from one creation to another. There are some artists that use glass or marble while there are also some that opt for fabric, silk, ivory panels, leather, or paper in creating their masterpieces. To present a luminous and sophisticated creation, the makers of such Fused Glass Paintings use powdered gold, silver, semi precious stones, and conch shell to polish the masterpiece.
The miniature paintings of this country survive over the years (and are even popular among different races and cultures) because of the help of some school ofFused Glass Paintings  that manage to continually present the beauty and talent of India. Each of these schools has different mastery and theme upon creating the miniature paintings.
One school of painting, the Deccan School, has created miniature paintings with great influences from the Turkish and Persian arts. It has combined different Fused Glass Paintings designs and themes on its creations which result to radiant and bold themes on its own. On the other hand, the Rajput School creates miniature paintings inspired by the influence of the Krishna legend. This signifies that most masterpieces from this school of paintings are inspired by the subject of love, passion, and strong emotion. One of its famous masterpieces is the lovemaking scene of the Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha. Other than these two, there is still another school of paintings that uses a different approach on miniature paintings.

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