Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Fusing Dichroic Glass

New advances in the development of materials are constantly affecting the fashion industry, for example new or evolved fibres lead to improved fire and crease resistance of fabrics. These developments often allow for the creation of ever more stunning and impressive designs and this is true of Fusing Dichroic Glass and contemporary jewellery.
Dichroic coatings (pronounced di-crow-ic) are in fact no new technology, they were developed in Germany over 100 years ago and have since been used for applications ranging from the diagnosing of certain diseases to use in heat seeking missiles. Dichroic glass was originally developed for use in the U.S aerospace industry but today we see it in a much more artistic light as it revolutionizes designer glass jewellery.
The process of creating Dichroic glass involves the accurate depositing of layers of quartz crystals and metal oxides such as titanium, silicon and magnesium on to clear glass. Dichroism is literally an optical effect that is observed in certain materials in which two different colours are seen when viewed from different directions. In Dichroic glass one colour is seen when light reflects off the crystalline surface and with a change in angle a second colour is viewed as the light passes through the glass. The additional process of fusing the glass together at high temperatures “melts” the glass and further alters its colour and character. Completed Dichroic Fusing Dichroic Glass  therefore has a hidden depth of ever changing colour that is reminiscent of elements in nature such as dragonfly wings and peacock feathers.

Handmade Dichroic Fusing Dichroic Glass is an extremely skilled art form which, when done well achieves beautiful and stunning results. The design possibilities are limitless in all areas; colour, shape, pattern, texture etc and with a creative designer tremendously unique and interesting pieces can be produced. It is a contemporary medium for Fusing Dichroic Glass  which can be adapted for both everyday wear and for striking special occasion pieces that dance in the light like diamonds but without the enormous price tags.
The best part about handmade Dichroic glass jewellery is that each item is individually crafted and so has its own unique quality and character for it is impossible to recreate the same piece twice.

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