Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Fused Glass Tiles

Fused Glass Tiles are increasing in popularity amongst a great many people who want something which looks better for their house than normal tiles. You may think glass tiles would be more delicate than ceramic or stone? Well the fact is they are just as hardwearing once correctly fitted and grouted in place. The fitting is easy too as the tiles usually come pre fixed to a special mesh, this means they are correctly spaced already, all you do is adhere them to the wall with tiling adhesive then grout in the gaps around them and hey presto, job done.
In fact they can even be a lot easier to clean than ceramic tiles due to their glassy polished finish. Unlike standard ceramic tiles, glass ones can actually help to lighten a room through their natural ability to reflect and refract light. They may need a little more cleaning if they get very dirty, being glass they show up grease marks easily, a little bit of elbow grease goes a long way, but it is well worth it if you consider the striking and beautiful effect Fused Glass Tiles an have in either your kitchen or bathroom

To conclude in all this tile talk, my final point about Fused Glass Tiles  is- why not give them a go they will surely be an improvement on your old ones, especially if you have those old boring white standard ceramic tiles which are so common in old houses. There is nowadays a massive range of colors to choose from. You'll be amazed at how many tiles there are for you to choose from. You can of course do you main research online to give yourself a real idea about what you like. Glass tiles come in a massive range of colors and styles, from iridescent shimmering surfaces to crystal clear see through types, to opaque glass to glass with flecks of real gold and silver running through each tile. You can also get different shapes as well as squares and rectangles of different sizes, you can actually get round tiles and even randomly shaped tiles for a truly quirky look to your room.
While i think of it , if you are going to google to find out more, try the term 'glass mosaic' as well, as this is another name for glass tiles. They are really easy to install as well.

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