Friday, 13 January 2012

Dichroic Fused Glass

Wearable glass art is becoming one of the most popular fashion accessories today, with people surfing for these in the internet or looking for samples in galleries, malls and the like. 'Wearable' glass is actually fused glass - technically known as dichroic glass - which is glass to which various oxides or quartz is 'melded' onto the surface in varying layers or thickness to produce a multi-colored effect.
Dichroic glass is a NASA invention, originally produced for use in space suits and later used by various industries such as optical enterprises (dichroic lenses are used by various camcorders), scientific measuring instruments (especially those using lasers for measurement), and others.
The art community soon discovered dichroic glass and its use by glass artists began to grow. Part of its popularity comes from the amazing sheen or patina of fused glass, combined with the luminous depth and range of colors that can be created as well as the various textures that can be produced.

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