Friday, 13 January 2012

Fused Glass Jewelry Ideas

Here are some great ideas for arts and crafts made from fused glass. Besides being a challenging material to work with, fused glass projects have given full rise to artists' creative fancies, and are also remarkably beautiful, with textures ranging from the opacity of high fire glazes to the clarity of water. Saw pins fashioned from glass are not difficult to make, but they do require the technique of using a glass saw to slice plates of glass. Saw pins can be themed to holidays like bats and pumpkins for Halloween or trees and Santas for Christmas.
Fused glass pins and pendants can also be formed with inclusions and there are many items which can be sealed in the fused glass piece of artwork. Inclusions can add unique details to any glass fusing project. Another pendant idea is a miniature ceramic picture frame designed to hold one small photo of the wearer's choice. These make unique jewelry pieces and are appreciated gifts. Picture frame pendants need not be square or rectangular, you can let your imagination fly. Bracelets made of fused glass stringers formed around ceramic cylinders can be a bit daunting to make at first since the technique requires working quickly inside of a hot kiln. However, the finished product is both stunning to behold and exciting to make since so many creative designs and fanciful ideas can be achieved with this technique. Vitrigraph technique is also an exciting technique not for the faint of heart: the flow of molten glass is pulled and maneuvered as it seeps in a continuous flow from the kiln brick. The possibilities of shaping pulled glass are endless in their variety and haunting in their beauty.

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