Friday, 13 January 2012

Leaded Glass

We recently repaired and replaced a leaded glass panel. This was a repair to a leaded window and we traditionally use the copper foil method developed by Tiffany studios in the early 1900's. So we were mixing two styles of glass construction. The results were perfect.
1. A client called and asked us to repair a window in their home. The window had a broken piece of glass and we would need to take it from their home, repair it at our shop and reinstall it in their entryway.
2. The window frame had been assembled with 45 degree miters in the wood, which required that the nails be removed in order to get the wood out. Fortunately, the nails used were very thin pin nails, similar to a staple in size, so I was able to break the fasteners with a sharp rap on a putty knife at each nail.

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