Saturday, 5 May 2012

Bathroom Glass Tile

If you are a self-described tile-ophile like me, then a big city is your mecca (even though Mecca proper probably also has some nice tiles). From the tiles in subways to hotels and people's homes there is certainly not a lack of beautiful tiles in this city. These tiles can inspire you to re-decorate your home or can just be appreciated for the pieces of art they are.
One of my favorite places to go appreciate tiles is the bathrooms of hotel lobbies. A big city is know for its many fancy hotels. Many employ stunning displays of bathroom mosaic tile. Other have beautifully displayed glass bathroom tiles. Glass bathroom tiles create a more modern look so you will usually find them in newer hotels. Both styles are very unique and applicable to the bathroom in your home. 

You can also find beautiful glass bathroom tiles in restaurants. A big city has all sorts of restaurants, with different nationalities and cuisines fusing. It is a true cultural melting pot. The same is true about the d├ęcor of the restaurants, which extends into the bathroom. It is fascinating to see how these establishments employ glass bathroom tiles into their design.
Another great place to go tile spotting is the a big city's public transit system. There is a good mix of old historical tiles and new commissioned by the city. Although there are not many glass subway tiles left in the transit system there are many beautiful ceramic tiles. If you are really interested in seeing glass subway tiles, however, you can always go to the a transit museum. They have a great collection of subway tiles that is sure to inspire.

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