Saturday, 5 May 2012

Mosaic Glass Tile

Glass tiles have been popular for many years and were very popular in the time of the Romans; they were used to adorn important homes, religious and grand buildings. There were vibrant colours of mixed glass tiles used especially on window areas where the light coming in from the window would vibrantly expose the beautiful colours of the glass. They are still evident today in many old and grand buildings and of course they are used widely to decorate homes in kitchens and bathrooms.
Glass tiles are very versatile, strong and durable and once installed will last the test of time. They can be a little tricky to install but once they are they will add elegance and style as well as offering excellent functionality that are easy to clean and maintain.
There are different types of glass tiles such as iridescent glass tiles and mosaic glass tiles and the choice will largely depend on your personal choice. All types of glass tiles come in vibrant colours and different sizes ranging from small cube like glass tiles to larger glass tiles. The smaller glass mosaic tiles are very common and popular especially in bathroom areas where they can be installed in the shower area's and backsplash areas. The colour combinations are endless with glass tiles being used with other tile materials such as natural stone tiles that make great border tiles. The gloss mixed blue and white glass and natural border tiles make great additions to borders in bathroom and kitchen areas

As well as glass tiles there are many glass mosaic tile designs that make great additions to homes, the vitreous glass tile mosaics are fabulously versatile tiles that can be used both indoors and outdoors.  The vitreous glass tile mosaics are frost resistant, chemical and sun resistant which makes them sought after tiles for many applications.  There are some fantastic colour combinations that are great for both kitchen and bathroom areas and some colours have such vibrancy.

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