Friday, 4 May 2012

Glass Subway Tile

Without paint, Michelangelo could never have created the masterpiece that is the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The great flexibility that paint allows an artist explains why he chose this medium to compose his work. If glass tiles were available when he was alive, perhaps the chapel's vaulted ceilings would have been covered in vibrant glass instead of paint. Just like great artists, choosing the right materials for your own construction project allows for endless possibilities of imaginative designs.
While all glass tiles offer designers a broad pallet of colors and options with which to work, glass subway tiles have become the preferred way to incorporate glass into tiling projects. One wonderful aspect of subways is how flexible your design layout can be. Unlike typical, square-shaped tiles, subway tiles are rectangular, and thus offer a greater range of interesting patterns that can be created. Most people opt to arrange their subway tiles in a traditional, brick-style layout, but setting the tiles so all grout joints line up is also popular. Also, the subways can be turned on their sides, so the same brick or inline pattern can be installed with the tiles' long sides in a vertical position. No matter the design you choose for your tile installation, glass subway tiles offer the flexibility you need to transform your space into something truly spectacular.

When deciding how to lay out your glass subway tiles, you cannot forget to consider the different possibilities presented by the broad range of vivid colors available. For instance, if you decide to use only one color, then you may find a brick layout allows for the tiled surface to remain visually interesting in spite of the monochromatic color scheme. Another option could be to mix two or more different colors together. The colors don't even need to be in equal proportions; adding a rogue color that can be incorporated randomly throughout the tiled surface can provide a "pop" that sets your project apart. Remember, there are no binding rules when it comes to interior design. Rather, your tiling project should be an expression of your taste, aesthetics, and artistic acumen. Let your imagination run wild before committing to your ultimate design. Glass subway tiles' layout options along with the wide selection of colors and finishes available frees tile installers and designers to use their creativity to generate visual masterpieces.

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